The Perfect Pen: Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Pen

The Perfect Pen

the perfect pen

Since final exams have over, I can write a post freely now. Today post will be about how to choose the perfect pen just for you. This is based on my experience. I’d struggled with what pen I had to use. Maybe there are people like me out there who struggle with the same issue as me. Therefore, I want to help you to find your perfect pen by giving you some tips that might be helpful.

*Please note that I won’t recommend any pen in this post.

My Story

I’d been using Sakura Pigma Micron 01 for writing. It had been my best pen for a year. Sakura Pigma Micron is a drawing pen, but you can also write with it. My friends recommended me this pen. They’re not wrong, I was satisfied, and I liked it. It helped me doodling and writing on my Bullet Journal a lot. By the way, if you haven’t tried it before, Sakura Pigma Micron pen is a smooth and waterproof pen. It is compatible with any kind of paper you have.

However, I found my writing position got weirder and weirder ever since. It wasn’t the pen’s fault. Well, I guess it just the bad habit that I got from too much drawing. Plus, it has a ball-like pointy tip (I don’t know the right term for it, please bear with me) so I would write in an almost upright position, which was quite weird, of course.

Anyway, I decided to buy another pen since I didn’t use a bullet journal anymore. I began to ask my friends to recommend me some good pens (this time I asked my friends in a community ). Sure, they mentioned some pens. Then, I bought what I might like. The problem came when I felt that I wasn’t comfortable with any of them (But thanks, as a stationery hoarder I have a lot of pen collections now lol).

I was frustrated! Sounds silly? Not to me. Writing is what every student just like me does. So, I have to write with a tool that suitable for me. This means it has to make my note-taking experience seems fun and the outcome is easy to read. Don’t you think so? If you disagree I can guess that you don’t take notes in every class, which is totally bad! You should stop it and start writing now! (Not right now, I mean in your class).

And finally, I found that suitable pen after spending one, two, three (and keep counting) pens sitting on my desk. I’ll tell you what pen I’m currently using at the end of the post.

Now, let’s talk about the tips I’ve mentioned before.

The Tips

1. Reflect

This is an important step. If you ever hear saying about planning before buying things, this is kind of sound like that. But in this step I want you to take a look at your notes. Look at your handwriting and point out things that annoy you: It can be your messy handwriting, it can be blotted ink on your paper, it can be the lack of color on your notes, or any else.

In my case, I found that my handwriting is shaky. It turns out I can’t use gel-ink pen because, as you may know, gel pen tend to produce some smooth texture on the surface, which makes my hand movement uncontrollable. Moreover, I’m using smooth paper too in my binder, which is not a match combination for me. The other problem that I found is, I always misspelled everything: either words or letters. I can see a lot of strikes and chaos on my notes, and I need to correct it.

So, as you’ve known your problems. You can ask your friend’s recommendation now, but please make sure you read some review before trying out some pens.

Wait, the tips haven’t over yet!

2. Try Out Some Pens and Papers

Go to your favorite stationery store and try out some pens. Did I say some papers above? Well yeah, if it is allowed, please bring your notebook to the store or maybe just a piece of paper that you usually use in the class. The purpose is to try out pens on your piece of paper. We know that they always give us a piece of paper to try them on. However, some pens work out differently depends on what paper you’re using. For example, an outcome of a smooth pen with a smooth surfaced paper will be different when compared to a smooth pen with a less smooth surfaced paper. Please use your time wisely here (peace), if you found out that the pen you’re holding is not comfortable, forget about it and try another one. The main point is to do your own pen swatches on your paper.

3. Embrace Trials and Errors

After you buy one or two pens, use it for at least a month. That’s when you can consider whether that pen you’ve chosen is perfect for you or not. If you haven’t found it, please don’t give up because that’s normal. You can buy another and try it for another month to see the result because eventually, you will find the best and perfect pen for yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things, there are so many pens that you can try out!

You need to combine all of these methods to find your perfect pen.

My Favorite Pen

the perfect pen

As my promise, this is my current favorite pen: Pilot Frixion Ball Clicker 0.5. I’ve used this since February. It really solves all my problems and has transformed my notebook from chaotic handwritten to neatly readable handwritten because I can erase every misspelled word that I’ve written in the class. I also love how its color is not as saturated as the other pens are. This pen is inexpensive (costs about Rp 20.000,- or about $ 1,4). So, I just bought one pen and will buy the refill if the ink runs out. The refill’s price has a range from Rp 15.000,- to Rp 19.000,-. However, I prefer to buy it online as the price of the refill is way cheaper than buying it in the store.


To find out your perfect pen, you can simply follow these steps: Reflect, Try out some pen and papers (Current paper that you use at school), embrace trials and errors. You need to combine all the methods ahead to find the perfect one. Remember, don’t push yourself and check some reviews. Just because everybody uses Sarasa or MUJI doesn’t mean you should use them too. I hope you found what you’re looking for.

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What’s the definition of a¬†perfect pen in your opinion?