Gift Swap

We Did a Gift Swap before Holidays Come

My friends and I did a gift swap on December 19! It was an exciting event. This event was made for closing the year, or actually just for fun. Read the rest of this post to check out what I got on that day.

How Did The Swap Happen?

It started with me and my friend, Shania, who wanted to exchange a letter. I couldn’t send or write anything for her at that time because I had a ton of letters from my pen pals that I hadn’t replied yet. Actually, I had promised her a letter since before our midterms. Let’s say we had our midterm in November. So, we planned it in October. But, we forgot the idea as we got busy with life. Yes, you get the point.

We talked about it again in class two months later, which means this month. We finally agreed to exchange a letter, yay. Then we started to talk about the rules. Basically, it was about what we will insert into the mail as a small gift besides the letter itself. The Idea changed when one of us suggested that we exchange a present instead. I agreed. We began to invite a girl in our class. The other twelve girls joined us right in the place. The thing that was planned to be done for just the two of us became something bigger than we expected. Wasn’t it astonishing? It was, in a good way of course.

The Gift Swap Rules

We had a briefing on the same day. We agreed not to send any snacks and food. Also, we limited the price to 3 dollars, and we should wrap our present with a piece of newspaper. Other rules were we had to write the receiver’s name on a sticky note and not allowed to show our name (the giver’s name) visible on the wrapper. Furthermore, we had to write a message for the receiver. For me, I put my name on a card inside the newspaper.

In our culture, we wrap things with newspaper if we want it to be an anonymous present. And, if there are a lot of participants like this activity we’d done, it can create a more friendly situation as no one will be envied with other people. But, if it is a personal gift, like a birthday present, we usually wrap it with a proper wrapper.

Next, we did a raffle to know who would give a present to whom on the d-day. Fun fact: we re-raffled several times because my friends got their own names again and again! Afterward, the fun thing began. We’re not allowed to reveal the receiver’s name. To make things easier, we made a group chat. In that chat, we could hint the giver about what present we would like to get.

The Presents

So, I gave my present to Mega, my friend. Giving a present to someone who wasn’t a close friend of mine was tough. Even though she’s my friend, and we greeted each other every day, I felt like I hadn’t known her well enough to be able to give her a lovely present. The limited price also made the hunt even more challenging. But, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed thinking about what would be a good present for my friend. Finally, I gave her a makeup pouch. I hope she loved it. Even if she didn’t need it for her makeup, she could use it for other functions while traveling.

By the way, we gather all the presents in one place on the d-day. We sat in a circle while a friend called our name one by one. I got a tiny package. Turned up it was a bundle of stationery stuff. My friend, Gaby, exactly knows what I wanted. She gave me a calligraphy pen, a highlighter, and a set of adorable tiny washi tapes.

I also made a personal gift swap with my close friend, Tassa. She gave me a notebook, fancy sticky notes, and other cute stuff, while I gave her metallic markers and an enamel pin. Well, I hope she loved my present. Looking for a present for her wasn’t as hard as mega’s present because I already knew that Tassa usually put a lot of effort into her notes in class.

I Loved It – Let’s Do Another Gift Swap

To be honest, I loved this activity. It made the one who never speaks, speaks. The best part was it made us try to know each other and closer than before. If only we had made this kind of event months ago, we would have been a solid gang of girls since the first time we met. We really enjoyed this kind of activity, even my friends ask to do another swap in the future.

What did you do on New Year’s Eve? Did you spend your time with your family or friends?