One Day at Hong Kong Disneyland

Three weeks ago I went to Disneyland. It was one of the best moments I ever experienced in my life. Even though I had always been watching a lot of videos about Disneyland on Youtube, I never expected that I could actually go to Disneyland, ever. That’s because my parents and I don’t have an opportunity to go to Japan yet (I thought it was the only Disneyland near my country). And I always held my dream to go there thinking that It was impossible, that this dream is too high to be reached.

That was my thought until we planned our vacation to Hong Kong. It wasn’t as simple as that. We actually had planned a vacation in Korea, but it failed because our group didn’t reach the exact quota of people. Then we tried other tour and decided to go to Japan (Without Disneyland tour), and again it failed because my dad had a business meeting on the day we supposed to go. Fortunately, we got a tour that opened an available spot to go to Hong Kong, and this time, without any plan from us they Included Disneyland on it. So, when reality slapped me with such joyous possibility, I leaped into the air.

The moment when I entered Disneyland I held my breath and my tears. I could feel my body shook with happiness as I kept secretly saying to myself, “This is it. Finally. Fin, Your dream has come true. Please don’t cry, please don’t cry.” It would be embarrassing If I couldn’t hold my tears since it was not a holy place or a right place to cry, was it? And as we entered the location further, we heard Disney songs played throughout the entrance. FYI, I couldn’t stop saying “please don’t cry” all the way the entrance.

By the way, Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island. To get there from our hotel, which was in Tsuen Wan, We were dropped off by our tour’s car at 10 in the morning and would be picked up at 9 in the evening. You can go there by MTR too!

Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t as large as Disneyland in the US nor Japan. I was quite down about having known this fact. But, it was still large enough to be explored by our foot. Even I hadn’t reached Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, and Grizzly Gulch in my 11 hours visit. Moreover, summer heat struck me hard! I continually go to stores to cool down my body. I thought I could pass out in a second. What I did was I grabbed my bottle and ran to the nearest store in Tomorrowland. It was a super cool store full of Marvel merch, loved it!

Then, what did I do at Disneyland besides strolling from one store to another store? I went to Tarzan’s treehouse, watched Mickey’s PhilharMagic show, Watched some parades, went to Fairy Tale Forest (so sad I couldn’t meet Tinker Bell), and went to Fantasy Gardens where we took so many pictures with characters, one of whom was Mickey. Also, I met Alice, the only human formed character I’d seen that day. I was awestruck when she passed me. I had tried to call her though she did neither see nor hear me hahaha. So my mom and I had to chase her to Mad Hatter Tea Cups, where she stayed. Finally, we took some pictures together.

Actually, I had made a list of characters I wanted to meet in my mind. But, I didn’t meet them at all except Alice. This list included Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Alice, Ariel, Mad Hatter, Rapunzel, and Flynn Rider. But I think there’s no Peter Pan, Ariel, Mad Hatter, Rapunzel, or Flynn in Hong Kong Disneyland. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I also tried to go to Royal Princess Garden where people could meet Princesses. Unfortunately, that place had already closed when I came. However, Having met Alice had already made my day. No one could mess with that bright smile of mine.

Later at six in the evening, we enjoyed drinking ginger tea with honey in Main Street USA. We sat on the road and watched people passing by as the sky turned dark. That ginger tea recharged my exhausted body and freshened me up.

Everything in Hong Kong Disneyland is pricey. If you want to go to Disneyland, I suggest you bring separate money aside from your tour in Hong Kong. This money is specifically for food and merchandise you want to buy. Because, believe me, all of them are good and you might craving for some.

There are two halal restaurants there. One at Adventureland named Tahitian Terrace, and one at Fantasyland. I recommend you to go to the one at Adventureland instead, as it is cheaper than the halal restaurant in Fantasyland. They serve Asian food such as Nasi Lemak and Butter Chicken from HKD 100 per plate, which is around IRD 190.000,-. Unbelievable, right?

Despite the heat and the crowded place, I really enjoyed my day at Disneyland. I would go back if I could, perhaps not in the summertime. You know, one day at Disneyland isn’t enough. So if you got a lot of money and time you may want to stay for a couple days there. Don’t forget to invite me to your trip. Just kidding.

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What Disney characters you wish to meet at Disneyland?