The Perfect Pen: Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Pen

The Perfect Pen

I can write freely now since final exams have over. So, in today’s post, I’m gonna share you how to choose a pen that suits you. It is based on my experience. I struggled with pens I had used for years. Maybe there are people out there who struggle with the same issue as me. Therefore, I wanna help you to find your perfect pen by giving you some tips that might be helpful. *Please note that I won’t recommend […]

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The First Journey

Hi, I have to admit writing this first post is scary. But, I won’t let myself get overwhelmed by the most thing I love, which is writing a post blog. So, here we go! My name is Yasyfin (Pronunciation: Yash-feen). Well, I’m 99% sure you nearly mispronounce my name. It happens a lot. Most of the new people who meet me can’t pronounce my name. It becomes one of my pet peeves recently. English Is Not My First Language First, […]

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