The First Journey

Hi, I have to admit writing this first post is scary. But, I won’t let myself get overwhelmed by the most thing I love, which is writing a post blog. So, here we go!

My name is Yasyfin (Pronunciation: Yash-feen). Well, I’m 99% sure you nearly mispronounce my name. It happens a lot. Most of the new people who meet me can’t pronounce my name. It becomes one of my pet peeves recently.

English Is Not My First Language

First, I want to let you know that English isn’t my first language, but I’ll do my best to write in English. Writing in English is a big decision that I made because I am an Indonesian. Yes, Indonesia, an archipelago country in Southeast Asia. Moreover, my parents encouraged me to write in English. So, why not? I’ll try my best to write in English consistently. However, if I write in Bahasa Indonesia, please understand that it means I’m not able to write a complex post at that time and would correct it later.

Blogging Is My Life

Blogging has been in my blood since I was 12. I had two blogs before this one. The first one was a blog which I wrote in middle school. Life at that time was super easy. Everything seemed like a joke that I could laugh on. A drama was just a drama, no big deal. I cried, then I moved on. Oh no, now I feel like I’m romanticizing middle school. In conclusion, my blog was like a diary that everyone could read. My problems became a hilarious reminiscence of middle school since I always furiously yelled at every boy who tried to tease or bullied me. I also had some super fun time with my best friends.

My second blog was about me wanted to share my knowledge in some niches. I made that second blog when I was a freshman in University. At that time, I felt like I had to level up my blogging skill. But, I lacked resources, and I didn’t use any self-hosted. So, it became a problem for me.

The funny thing is, my last post on my previous blog was about me facing my problematic life. I was in a terrible and stressful situation, which made me asked myself what was the meaning of my life at that time. I couldn’t understand anything instead of hoping that I could be useful to everyone.

That era is gone now. It leads me to this blog, the blog I have planned for so long. But, I’m a good friend of procrastination, so It took a long time for me to accomplish this dream blog hahaha.

Finally, Kalopsia Cloud

And why my blog’s name is Kalopsia Cloud? Neither Kalopsia nor Cloud is part of my name. Kalopsia means the delusion to see something beautiful than the way it is. However, in my view, Kalopsia on this blog reminds us to see the beauty in everything. Furthermore, Kalopsia reminds us to stay positive no matter what obstacle comes into our life. That’s the value I want to express from this blog.

While Cloud, It is based on my love for the sky. I love the sky, the cloud, the stars, constellations, moon, and other celestial objects in this universe. Aren’t they beautiful? When I look up, I always feel like I am in another place (I have a dream to travel the world) since the earth has the same sky covering all over it.

So, I guess you already read the about page. If so, then you know I’ll write about planner, stationery, my thought, and so on. I also have a plan to write a post every week. So, please come back to Kalopsia Cloud next week.

Do you have a blog?