2018 Recap: I Chose To Be Strong

I know It seems too late to share with you my 2018 recap since it’s already 2019. But being late is better than nothing at all, Isn’t it? I’m also excited to share my journey, my transformation, and also my decision to be strong with you. So, let’s take a look back to 2018 for a moment. Looking back to the past won’t hurt if you know when to look forward. After all, we can be grateful for whatever in our back and also learn from our mistakes.

There were a lot of things happened in 2018. It was an exceptional year, unlike other years I’d experienced. I was happier and brighter than the year before. I admit there were also bad times in 2018, but I chose not to be affected by all the bumps on the road.

A Transformation

Ever since I focused myself on what I love, I changed. I changed in a good way. It’s the best time of my life because if I was not mistaken most of my transformation since I was 17 had led me to become the worst person I could be. I had been weak, faint-hearted, perfectionist, and you can name other traits.

In March 2018 I realized I didn’t wanna be weak anymore, I realized it’s not right. Being weak was okay, but staying in that position was not. Then I began researching how to be strong. I read a book about it, a book to become stronger. I read articles online that teach me how to be strong physically and mentally. Also, I worked out every week. It helped me a lot. I cured my knee by doing exercises, and I never fell anymore haha.

New Mindsets

Besides doing exercises, I made new mindsets. These mindsets helped me to have been a better person than I used to be. First, I learned how to say no. Refusing someone’s offer was better than accepting what I didn’t wanna do. Second, I became less perfectionist than years before. Really, It’s the hardest thing to erase from me. In 2018, I believed progress was much more important than the result. It also didn’t need to be perfect. Third, I didn’t care about people’s judgment, critic, or whatever, on me. It’s just people’s opinion anyway. And by having to choose not to care about it, I felt half of the weight on my shoulders went away. Fourth, I learned how to be assertive because, in this chaotic world where everything could go wrong, I had to stand on my ground. And by the time I’d implemented these mindsets on my life, I forgot the old principles I used to hold (Which was grave and boring).

Bye Insecurity, Hello World

I dropped the insecurity I used to wear, and it’s relieving. It felt like finally, I was able to breath fresh air again. I also met a lot of new people that year and because I had diminished my insecurity I could befriend them. It was a lovely moment when I didn’t have to hide anymore since I felt confident in my own skin.

The Shadow

2018 was not always cheerful or as determined as I wrote above. There were also times when I question some things, a time when I fought my own self. But, it was all answered in the late of year, and I’d forgiven myself and also on whatever thought crossing my mind that year. That was such a relieving moment.

“Being all light is as dangerous as being all dark, simply because denial of emotion is what feeds the dark.”

Brené Brown, Rising Strong: How The Ability to Reset Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

I realized when I worked on things that burdened me, and actually solved it, I could be happier. There are always various ways to be happier, one of them is to leave whatever thing that makes you sad. And what I mean by leave is not running away from the problem. But, to look at the root of the problem, stand up, and find a way to overcome it. That’s what helped me to change myself to be a better person, and it can help you too.

I hope I can still implement and not forget those mindsets this year. I’m aware that even though I’ve transformed, I’m still full of flaw. My goal is not to be a perfect person. I wanna correct the bad traits that I have had since 2018, although I know it’s not gonna be easy. Wish me luck.

What do you think about transformation? Are you open to any change around you? Has the thought of transforming yourself ever cross your mind? I’d like to hear your opinion. So, don’t be shy and put your thoughts in the comment section.