Struggles as a blogger

3 Struggles I Face as a Blogger

I believe every blogger has struggles they should overcome. So do I.
In this post, then, I’d like to share my top three struggles I face every day as a blogger. Oh, you should know that while writing this post, I am tackling my own blogging problem too. Can you guess it? The answer is the deadline for this post! Muahaha.

Before we get into the list, I want to let you know that you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail now (yay)! Subscribe to this blog, please~ I’ve wasted a year on this blog just to find that subscribe button. *Cough* Pardon my high intelligent brain *Cough*. I just found out that there is a way to enable this button. One day, I heard a click inside my head. It said, “wait, I don’t have to use MailChimp for my mailing list for now. There must be a way to enable this button on my self-hosted blog.” Then, yeah, I found Jetpack Plugin, the same free plugin that is automatically installed on my old account. Why didn’t I recognize it?

Now, let’s see my three struggles:

Finding Time to Write and Publish Consistently

This one has always been my biggest problem. I respect part-time bloggers who can write even if they’re busy. Unlike them, I’m a slow writer, and I spend my time doing my assignments. Because of this, I can’t reach my goal to publish a post a week even though I have an editorial calendar. Plus this semester I have a fiction writing class. So, let’s imagine Yasyfin the slow writer had to write a ton of blog post while she already struggled at writing a short story every week. She wouldn’t get sleep at all, then. It sounds like I’m complaining, doesn’t it? Hahaha. Okay, I hope you get the point. But… Ya, Anyway, I’m trying my best to reschedule everything, so I can keep up on blogging even though I’m busy.

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Promoting My Blog on Social Media

Is it because I’m a timid person, or am I just an introvert? I don’t know. Promoting this blog on Instagram is my nightmare, but sharing this blog on Twitter is easy peasy. I’m not sure… I guess that’s because I have fewer followers on Twitter, unlike my Instagram, which 30% to 50% of my followers are my real life friends and family. It’s pretty daunting, yet I know my traffic will sky-rocketed if I share it there. What do you think? I guess you would say I need to get out of my comfort zone. Yep, you’re right.

Comparing Myself to Other Bloggers

It’s hard to admit this one. I would never compare myself to anyone, It’s a big no. However, since I made a new blog, I’ve been comparing myself to bloggers who have much experience than me. At first, I analyzed their blog, ‘about’ page, writing style, blog theme, content, etc. just to learn from someone who has loads of experience in this field. I learned so much from analyzing people’s blog. However, it became toxic when I overdid it.

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Actually, from those things I’ve mentioned, writing style would sit on the first position. I like comparing my style with people’s style. Sometimes I’d ask myself whether I should write in big and passionate words, or keep it simple and easy to read. Using Ambitious words seem entertaining, while ordinary words make writing bland. I know some bloggers go with beautiful style, while there are also many bloggers who keep their style simple, yet informative (And sometimes humorous if I can say). I stick with the latter. Not only did I seek an easy to read writing style, but I also consider my Indonesian readers. I’m afraid some people won’t understand what I write, then. But still, a lovely writing style is luvleh, ugh!

There you go, three struggles I face as a blogger. After I’ve written this post, I realized that I need more time, courage, and confidence. I suppose those are homework for me to solve for now. And yeah, I don’t know how to end this post. LOL. See ya!

What is your struggle as a blogger? Share your answer in the comment section below!

Struggles as a blogger