• January Favorites 2020: Sip the Tea and Listen to the Music
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    January Favorites 2020: Sip the Tea and Listen to the Music

    Dear readers, let’s start the new year with a Monthly Favorites post, shall we? I felt guilty because I’ve abandoned this series for six months. If you ever check my Monthly Favorites category, you’ll realize my latest blog post was June Favorites 2019: Starbucks Tumbler and Other Stuff. It was a long time ago. Similarly, in this January Favorites post, you’ll discover my favorite tea, songs, and so on. But, let me tell you a bit of story before that (or excuse as always?). Actually, I really wanted to write, but I didn’t have the energy to do it. Whenever I went home from my internship, I felt exhausted. So, no blogging…

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    Do This Instead of Pretending to Know Things You Don’t

    Pretending to know things isn’t an uncommon case found in society. Have you ever pretended to know things your friend says? I used to lie in front of my friend when I was a little girl, too. I would pretend I knew that song or singer or actresses when in fact I had no idea at all. I wasn’t being fake or pretending to like those things, I just nodded as if I knew them, and then the conversation would go on with me thinking who’s that singer again. Yikes! It is a sad, embarrassing thing to think of again. Lately, I realize younger people than me pretend to know…

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    June Favorites 2019: Starbucks Tumbler and Other Stuff

    Hello all! I’m back with a new post. Today’s post is about my favorite things in June a.k.a. June Favorites. I wanna make it a monthly series, in which I share you my most favorite things throughout the month. Hopefully, this series will be posted in every first week of a month (On Sunday, to be exact). I know bloggers tend to have this routine/series in their blog, and I wanna try the fun as well. I think it’d be fun if I can share my favorite things to you guys. So, let’s check my June Favorites out! 1. Starbucks Reserve Tumbler I’ve been dreaming to have my own Starbucks…