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    Nyobain Makanan Bayi, Enak Nggak Sih?

    Setelah 22 tahun hidup menyantap makanan kunyah-able nan lezat, saya memutuskan untuk jadi dedek bayi lagi (selama 20 menit). Kenapa? Karena hari ini saya mau nyobain makanan bayi yang identik bertekstur lembut. “Ew. Bubur bayi ya!?” kata mayoritas pembaca Kalopsia Cloud. Jangan iyuh-iyuh dulu. Kabar baiknya saya nggak nyobain bubur bayi olahan rumah. Itu kabar baik untuk diri saya sendiri kali ya. Oh ya, kabar baik untuk kalian juga dong! Kalian nggak perlu repot-repot nyobain makanan bayi karena ada Yasyfin yang bakal nyobain untuk kalian. Thank me later, guys. Hus, pede banget! Wkwkwk. Makanan bayi yang saya coba bukan bubur dari nasi yang dicampur dengan bahan makanan di kulkas. Saya…

  • Alasan menulis blog

    Alasan Menulis Blog

    Banyak yang nanya ke saya tentang alasan menulis blog, termasuk alasan saya memulai blog ini. Pertanyaan yang cukup menarik, melihat sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu Youtube lagi in banget ‘kan. Audience pun lebih tertarik menonton sejumlah video berjam-jam dibanding membaca satu artikel yang notabene bisa dibaca kurang lebih dua menit. So, kenapa blog? Kenapa bukan platform lain? Kalau ditanya kenapa menulis blog, biasanya saya selalu jawab, “Ya, karena dari dulu emang udah suka nulis blog.” Jawaban simpel yang saya lontarkan nggak menjawab pertanyaan siapapun karena saking sukanya saya nggak yakin ada alasan tertentu. Pokoknya ngeblog itu selayaknya udara yang saya hirup deh. Kali ini saya mau jawab pertanyaan tersulit itu…

  • Struggles as a blogger

    3 Struggles I Face as a Blogger

    I believe every blogger has struggles they should overcome. So do I.In this post, then, I’d like to share my top three struggles I face every day as a blogger. Oh, you should know that while writing this post, I am tackling my own blogging problem too. Can you guess it? The answer is the deadline for this post! Muahaha. Before we get into the list, I want to let you know that you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail now (yay)! Subscribe to this blog, please~ I’ve wasted a year on this blog just to find that subscribe button. *Cough* Pardon my high intelligent brain *Cough*. I just…

  • Kalopsia Cloud

    Where Have I Been? an Update from Me

    I can’t believe It has been four months since the last time I posted a blog post! I didn’t abandon this blog on purpose. There’s no particular reason too, other than homework I couldn’t leave behind. I’ve been doing well since the previous post I wrote. I just thought, why not giving you guys an update of myself from March until May? That’d be a fun thing to do to start my blog again. So, here we go! A roundup and also an update of my life in one blog post. March Big Bad Wolf: I went to Big Bad Wolf Books on March 9th. A ton of books filled…

  • Personal

    2018 Recap: I Chose To Be Strong

    I know It seems too late to share with you my 2018 recap since it’s already 2019. But being late is better than nothing at all, Isn’t it? I’m also excited to share my journey, my transformation, and also my decision to be strong with you. So, let’s take a look back to 2018 for a moment. Looking back to the past won’t hurt if you know when to look forward. After all, we can be grateful for whatever in our back and also learn from our mistakes. There were a lot of things happened in 2018. It was an exceptional year, unlike other years I’d experienced. I was happier…