Do This Instead of Pretending to Know Things You Don’t

Pretending to know things isn’t an uncommon case found in society. Have you ever pretended to know things your friend says? I used to lie in front of my friend when I was a little girl, too. I would pretend I knew that song or singer or actresses when in fact I had no idea at all. I wasn’t being fake or pretending to like those things, I just nodded as if I knew them, and then the conversation would go on with me thinking who’s that singer again.

Yikes! It is a sad, embarrassing thing to think of again.

Lately, I realize younger people than me pretend to know what I’m talking about, just like what I used to do. And you know what? Actually, not only teens but also some adults pretend to know things in their conversation, so people won’t judge them unintelligent

With that being said, that bad habit has rooted in ourselves until we don’t recognize how bad it is. However, what if I tell you that we can change this bad habit into something beneficial for our life?

Wait a Minute, Why We Should Stop Pretending If It’s a Normal Thing?

I won’t judge anyone who lies as a fake person because we do it when we feel cornered. We don’t wanna embarrass ourself in front of people, so we nod as though we know. I really understand it. The peer pressure around us is too intense, isn’t it? Because we wanna fit in, we start thinking people’s judgment is everything: somewhat critics to change ourself and a standard we should follow.

However, pretending to know things that we don’t know won’t take us anywhere. It won’t take us further or smarter than who we are right now. Instead, it acts as a massive barrier that separates us with new knowledge ahead.

So Instead of Pretending to Know Things, We Simply Have to Ask a Question

Be honest with yourself and stop lying. Don’t be afraid to ask a question as no one will judge you. Moreover, people won’t see you as an uninsightful or unintelligent person just because you ask them. On the other hand, people would start to think that you are willing to learn new things that you don’t understand yet. We have different interests one to another anyway, so there will be a chance we don’t understand some things outside of our interest scope.

Here are some benefit of asking a question that I’ve experienced and seen in real life:

1. Learn New Stuff

By asking my friend about a term or two that I haven’t known yet, I will learn something new. Moreover, if I start being honest with everyone, they will be more open to me as well. So next time I talk something that they don’t know, they will ask me too. Remember that if you wanna change the world, you must start from yourself.

2. Know Your Friends Better

They will start explaining the thing I don’t know which can be their interest, hobbies, or etc. It could be a conversation starter between my friends and I as well. I love listening to their story and how passionate they are while we are having a conversation.

You’ll get to know your friends better, isn’t it great?

3. Helping Friends Who Are Too Shy to Admit They Don’t Understand

I’m quite shy at class and pretty sure I’m not alone. There must be someone who pretends to understand the topic in a class. When I feel confident I’ll ask my lecturer to repeat her explanation, and when I’m not, deep down in my heart, I wish someone would ask it for me. If you brave yourself to ask a question, you’ll help your friends.

So, It’s okay if you don’t know certain things that your friend says. You only have to ask a question because we are all learning in this world. You’ll be amazed by how deep your conversation can go with your friend. More importantly, you won’t close yourself from new knowledge anymore! I hope this post can help anyone out there. Have a nice day!