January Favorites 2020: Sip the Tea and Listen to the Music
Monthly Favorites

January Favorites 2020: Sip the Tea and Listen to the Music

Dear readers, let’s start the new year with a Monthly Favorites post, shall we? I felt guilty because I’ve abandoned this series for six months. If you ever check my Monthly Favorites category, you’ll realize my latest blog post was June Favorites 2019: Starbucks Tumbler and Other Stuff. It was a long time ago. Similarly, in this January Favorites post, you’ll discover my favorite tea, songs, and so on.

But, let me tell you a bit of story before that (or excuse as always?). Actually, I really wanted to write, but I didn’t have the energy to do it. Whenever I went home from my internship, I felt exhausted. So, no blogging at all, of course. I even had to drag myself to write monthly reports for my uni! Undoubtedly super lazy after work. Anyway, thanks for having visited this blog while I was away. Seeing the stats every month ensures me that this blog’s still alive. It motivates me to keep writing.

Well, without further ado, let’s revive the series and take a look at my January favorites.

Favorite Song #1: Ready as I’ll Ever Be From Tangled: The Series

The first item on the list is Ready As I’ll Ever Be. It’s a soundtrack from Tangled: The Series. For your info, I don’t watch the show, and therefore, I’m not familiar with the storyline. However, this song caught my attention instantly. I liked it!

Varian (Voice: Jeremy Jordan), one of the characters in the show, is the first voice you’ll hear when you play it. I love his voice as it shows how desperate he is by listening to his harsh, breathy voice every time he hits the high notes. Is he suffocated? Let’s hope not. Anyway, he’s a villain, isn’t he? I know he’s a villain from the line “I’m the bad guy, that’s fine. It’s no fault of mine”. 

For me, It’s interesting to see an antagonist who got a song that reflects his flaw. Yet, still showing a determination to fix that situation, which I guess by doing revenge? It’s unlike the other Disney Villains whose songs are to show their ambition and evilness.

By the way, I found this song on Youtube. I got bored with the kind of music that I usually listen to, so I was looking for a new tune that day. Then, Youtube recommended me this song. I really love how the notes go up and down, high and low, through the entire song. Since then, I can’t stop listening to it. Perfect.

Should I watch the show too? What do you think?

Favorite Song #2: Lemon by Kenshi Yonezu

This is another song on my favorite list. I can’t describe how much I love this song, but what I can tell is I play it repeatedly almost every day. A hundred times, I guess?

I was looking for a Japanese song because I know Japan will offer me emotional tunes. There’s something in the beat that you’ll never get from western songs, in my opinion. However, I wasn’t familiar with the latest song from the land of the cherry blossoms. So, I asked my friend to recommend a Japanese song, and I loved it! I still love it!

I love both the melody and the lyrics. Kenshi Yonezu can bring a joyous melody, even though it’s a sad song. As a matter of fact, I did some research on the meaning of it. What I got was, this song tells about someone who lost their significant other, and they can’t forget their loved one. And from the singer’s point of view, it was his family, his Grandpa. The lyric was deep and meaningful. What really hit me hard is that he asks that person out there wherever he/she is to forget everything about him. Meanwhile, the lemon scent will always remind him of that person.

What can I say? I’m attracted to sad songs.

Okay, let’s move on to the next thing before I start to analyze the whole song words by words, which I wanna do it so bad actually.

OSK Japanese Green Tea

January Favorites: OSK Japanese Green Tea

The third item on the list is OSK Japanese Green Tea. My family bought a box of green tea at the beginning of 2020. We didn’t know that we already had one at home as we didn’t see it last year. This OSK Japanese Green Tea just popped out of the shelf. “Hello! Don’t forget me.” They greeted me. Nah, kidding.

Now, we have two boxes of green tea with different brands. But, shockingly, I love this brand the most. It tastes like green tea you’d buy at a Japanese restaurant. Meanwhile, the recent one we bought tasted bitter. There are only five tea bags left at home. We should buy them. You better buy them as well!

Netflix Series: Anne with an E Season 3

Netflix aired this series on January 3rd. It is a series that I’ve anticipated since last year. The third season is said to be the final installment of Anne’s Journey.

Have you watched it? Let’s hear a mere review written by me (Spoiler-free).

Anne with an E is a series that is based on L.M. Montgomery’s novel, Anne of Green Gables. The first season tells a story of Anne (Amybeth McNulty), an orphanage who’s adopted by the Cuthbert. Then throughout her journey, she found her kindred spirit, Diana Barry (Dalila Bela), and meet her later love interest, Gilbert Blythe (Lucas Jade Zumann).

Season 1

The conflicts in this story are complex and dark. None can accept Anne because, they say, she’s weird. Furthermore, Anne seems to have something to talk about every time. Like. Every. Time. Also, her head’s always full of ideas, and the neighbors think she gives their kids a bad influence. Nevertheless, she’s smart, open-minded, and brave. By the end of the first season, everyone accepts Anne for who she is.

Fast Forward to Season 3

Now, in season three, Anne has grown up to be a beautiful woman. She still her old self, though. Inspiring the neighborhood, yet creating a new problem whenever she tries to solve it. In this season, she meets an indigenous girl and makes friends with her. This resulting Anne to want to know her lineage. But, that idea is quite heart-breaking for Marilla Cuthbert (Geraldine James). 

I loved how the conflicts were centered on social issues such as racism, freedom of speech, feminism, and many more. Though, through these conflicts, the series seemed a bit dark, especially the first season. But, I’d suggest you watch it, as it was very moving and inspiring. What I didn’t like was that the series seemed to end hurriedly by making Gilbert and Anne confessed each others’ feelings. On the other hand, Ka’kwet’s story, Anne’s indigenous friend, was left in an open ending. So, are we getting the fourth season? I’m curious.

Whoa, that was super long. Are you still with me? The next one is the last January favorite, hang in there, hahaha.

Favorite 2020 Planner

January Favorites: Kikki.K Leather Personal Planner Medium Sweet 2019

The last January favorite is my Kikki.K Leather Personal Planner Medium Sweet 2019. I bought it last year, specifically for this year’s usage since I already had a planner last year. It came with the original A6 insert, but I took it away, kept the original, and filled it with dotted and grid A6 papers that I bought online. The pattern and its soft color are so pretty, I didn’t regret my decision. 

If I have a lot of spare time, I’ll share my planner set up in this blog. Though, I need careful planning to deliver it to you in blog posts. Fingers crossed.

Okay, guys! Those are my favorite stuff in January. I can’t believe this post is longer than I expected! But, thank you for reading this post until the end, I really appreciate it. I hope you love this post. And If you do, please subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss my recent blog posts in the future. Ciao!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve discovered this month? Do you love it? Share your answer in the comment section down below!