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June Favorites 2019: Starbucks Tumbler and Other Stuff

Hello all! I’m back with a new post. Today’s post is about my favorite things in June a.k.a. June Favorites. I wanna make it a monthly series, in which I share you my most favorite things throughout the month. Hopefully, this series will be posted in every first week of a month (On Sunday, to be exact). I know bloggers tend to have this routine/series in their blog, and I wanna try the fun as well. I think it’d be fun if I can share my favorite things to you guys. So, let’s check my June Favorites out!

1. Starbucks Reserve Tumbler

June Favorites: Starbucks Reserve Tumbler

I’ve been dreaming to have my own Starbucks tumbler since… well I can’t remember. I always wanted one, but… you know… I couldn’t afford to buy one for myself. And yes, I have money, but I usually spend it on other needs. So, when this Ramadan had over, and Eid Al-Fitr came in June, I received money from my family. Then, I bought this tumbler. I wanted to buy one of their spring collection, but they didn’t have the complete collection. So, I bought this one, a Thermos Starbucks Reserves Tumbler. I am so in love with this tumbler since it is an insulated bottle, and make my drink stay warm all day long. I think I can’t live without this Thermos.

2. Pentel Energel BLN 105 0.5 mm

June Favorites: Pentel EnerGel gel pen 0.5

It is my new favorite pen after Pilot Frixion Ball 0.5, and it deserves a place in my June Favorites. My mom is the one who has this pen at first. I wanted to have this pen too because this pen is super smooth. So, I went to a bookstore without checking the type, and I ended up buying the wrong one LOL. Always make sure you know what you wanna buy, guys! Anyway, a week later, I bought the right one. I really love this gel pen, I love its grip, and how it feels so smooth on the paper without making my handwriting shaky at all.

3. Emina Magic Potion Lip Tint

June Favorites: Emina magic potion lip tint color

Emina is an Indonesian makeup brand. This lip tint is the first Emina product I’ve ever tried, and they succeeded in making me fall in love with it. I used to wear a matte lipstick, but it made my lips dry and crack. So, these lip tints are my life savior not only because it stays on my lips but also freshen up my face. Another thing about Emina that I love is they always present their products in adorable packaging. Perhaps I’m gonna buy another product in the future (who knows).

4. Mark of The Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Mark of The Thief, The Praetor War Trilogy

Mark of The Thief is one among some books that I read last month. This novel tells a story of Nic Calva, a slave in a mine in South Rome. One day he found Julius Caesar’s Bulla that no one can ever get. That magical bulla gives not only incredible power but also curse to him. With that bulla, then, Nic tries to save Rome from General Radulf who wants to take over the empire. I love the slow-burn relationship Nic has with Aurelia. Other things that I love from this novel is that it takes you to Ancient Rome and its brutal life there.

5. A Different Kind of Human Step 2

From the music industry, I present you *drum roll please* Aurora’s new album: A Different Kind of Human Step 2!! Do you know Aurora? She’s a Norwegian singer, whose songs are inspired by nature and people’s story. Her recent album is the continuation of the second album titled An Infection of a Different Kind Step 1. She released this third album on June 7th, and soon The Seed, Soulless Creature, In Bottles, The River, and basically all the songs on the album became my favorite songs. However, for me, The Seed would top other songs as the meaning is so strong. It talks about environmental issues that are going on right now. I even used this song as my final paper material. Wow, I’m such a proud fan of her, am I?

So, those are all my June Favorites. I hope I will keep using those items in the future as well. Thank you for reading this post. Don’t forget to check out my July Favorites next month on Sunday first week (Finger cross I will post it on time)!

What are your three favorite things in June? It could be food, place, movie, book, etc. Share your answer in the comment section below!