• Monthly Favorites

    June Favorites 2019: Starbucks Tumbler and Other Stuff

    Hello all! I’m back with a new post. Today’s post is about my favorite things in June a.k.a. June Favorites. I wanna make it a monthly series, in which I share you my most favorite things throughout the month. Hopefully, this series will be posted in every first week of a month (On Sunday, to be exact). I know bloggers tend to have this routine/series in their blog, and I wanna try the fun as well. I think it’d be fun if I can share my favorite things to you guys. So, let’s check my June Favorites out! 1. Starbucks Reserve Tumbler I’ve been dreaming to have my own Starbucks…

  • Struggles as a blogger

    3 Struggles I Face as a Blogger

    I believe every blogger has struggles they should overcome. So do I.In this post, then, I’d like to share my top three struggles I face every day as a blogger. Oh, you should know that while writing this post, I am tackling my own blogging problem too. Can you guess it? The answer is the deadline for this post! Muahaha. Before we get into the list, I want to let you know that you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail now (yay)! Subscribe to this blog, please~ I’ve wasted a year on this blog just to find that subscribe button. *Cough* Pardon my high intelligent brain *Cough*. I just…

  • Kalopsia Cloud

    Where Have I Been? an Update from Me

    I can’t believe It has been four months since the last time I posted a blog post! I didn’t abandon this blog on purpose. There’s no particular reason too, other than homework I couldn’t leave behind. I’ve been doing well since the previous post I wrote. I just thought, why not giving you guys an update of myself from March until May? That’d be a fun thing to do to start my blog again. So, here we go! A roundup and also an update of my life in one blog post. March Big Bad Wolf: I went to Big Bad Wolf Books on March 9th. A ton of books filled…

  • Things to Prepare for New Semester in College

    5 Things to Prepare for New Semester in College

    New semester in college could be a little bit intimidating, don’t you agree? You will step to a higher level from where you stand right now, and you wonder will it be harder than before or not. If you prepare these things below, you will feel more confident. My new semester is coming soon. I’m a little bit nervous but also feel excited. Yes, some university has already started its academic year since last month or a couple week ago, maybe. However, my university will begin its even semester in the middle of February. Mine has always been started late than other universities in town. And, last month was a…

  • Personal

    2018 Recap: I Chose To Be Strong

    I know It seems too late to share with you my 2018 recap since it’s already 2019. But being late is better than nothing at all, Isn’t it? I’m also excited to share my journey, my transformation, and also my decision to be strong with you. So, let’s take a look back to 2018 for a moment. Looking back to the past won’t hurt if you know when to look forward. After all, we can be grateful for whatever in our back and also learn from our mistakes. There were a lot of things happened in 2018. It was an exceptional year, unlike other years I’d experienced. I was happier…