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Where Have I Been? an Update from Me

I can’t believe It has been four months since the last time I posted a blog post! I didn’t abandon this blog on purpose. There’s no particular reason too, other than homework I couldn’t leave behind. I’ve been doing well since the previous post I wrote. I just thought, why not giving you guys an update of myself from March until May? That’d be a fun thing to do to start my blog again. So, here we go! A roundup and also an update of my life in one blog post.


Big Bad Wolf: I went to Big Bad Wolf Books on March 9th. A ton of books filled the exhibition hall. I’m sure it’s heaven for book lovers. Then, those books were broken down according to their specific genre. I looked for some books on my TBR list, but sadly I couldn’t find any of them. Therefore, I chose randomly and bought Origin by Jessica Khoury, and Endgame: The Complete Zero Line Chronicles by James Frey. To be honest, I haven’t read those books yet as I got many novels I got to read too, at home. My parents also bought some books. They bought interior design and yoga books.


Oud Batavia: My classmates and I had a great day in Old Batavia on April 6th. This trip was the second outing of my creative writing class. It was a hot day, but we managed to stroll down the city for five hours. First, we saw ceramics, guns, and other historical collections in the Jakarta History Museum (a.k.a Fatahillah Museum). After that, we took a picture in front of Toko Merah and continue our journey to Jembatan Kota Intan. Finally, our last stop was Bahari Museum in North Jakarta, where we saw loads of traditional boats and its parts. We learned so much from this short tour, and from this trip, we had to use one of the places we visited as a setting of our short story.

Taman Bunga Nusantara: This place is located in Puncak. Me and my parents joined the monthly trip that our neighbors held on April 7th. It was the day after my trip to Old Batavia with my friends. Here is my complaint: It was the worst decision we ever made. We only spent one and a half hour in the garden, yet it took five hours trip on the bus to reach that place. It was a ravishing vast garden, though. There were many kinds of fascinating flowers inside that garden. If only they allowed us to stay for another couple of hour, I would’ve been satisfied. But we couldn’t since we had to get to another destination. Unluckily, Puncak was crowded, so we went home earlier and canceled our second destination. We spent another six hours to go back home.

My birthday: I had my birthday celebrated by my family on April 17th. I still remember I was so… Alive on that day, unlike every celebration I’d done in the past. You should know I’m an introvert and don’t like being the center of attention. So, this was very surprising for me.

Disney on Ice: I got an opportunity to watch Disney on Ice in between my midterm weeks with my family. I repeat, midterms! We were late to enter the hall as google map kept misleading us for 45 minutes straight. Anyway, the figure skating performance was stunning. I couldn’t believe they use bubbles to represent Elsa’s snow on the stage. Because of this, I kept sweeping the bubbles over my hijab. Overall, It was an entertaining show.

Midterms: Well, you know.. That hellish moment we all through as a student.


Allianz Ecopark: I went to Allianz Ecopark during Ramadan for my last outing with my classmates. We started the outing at one o’clock, and the park was empty, unlike the other months. Our lecturer allowed us to sit anywhere we like. Thus, my friends and I sat under a tree by the lake while the others went to a different area. We wrote a lot of poems. There were only several people, including me who were fasting, and therefore, I was afraid that I couldn’t make it because of the heat. It turned out that I could keep up until the end of the activity. After we finished our tasks, we broke our fast (iftar) in a restaurant and called it a day.

Besides those exciting activities above, I usually study at home. I got endless homework from uni, and also have written plenty of short stories. Other than that, I have another blog for one of my classes. When my lecturer assigns me to publish a blog post, I will post something there. It means I write, write, and write every day. Those are why I haven’t posted anything in here nor replied any letters to my penpals since so long. Ya, I guess that’s all the update from me. I hope you are contented by this small update. Have a nice day!

If you have an opportunity to get out of your busy life for a week, would you rather have a holiday in a big city or in a peaceful village? Share your answer in the comment section below!